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I am documenting and sharing my home lab setup here. This is aimed to help anyone out there to get started on building their lab with white box components.

My first host was purchased in June 2012, and expanded to three in March 2013. As much as possible, I try to keep the configurations consistent.

My home lab consists primarily of white box ESXi hosts. Initially there were 2 of them, and 2 shared storage. The primary storage was Nexenta, and the secondary is a Synology DS412+ NAS. Connectivity is enabled by a pair of DLink Gigabit switches. There’s a 4 port Trendnet KVM to share the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

When vSAN went GA several years ago the Nexenta storage was replaced with a 3rd ESXi host.

Let’s start with the hardware configuration.

ESXi Hosts – the 2 white boxes and a 3rd in black (not showing)

Nexenta Storage – the black tower (now decommissioned)

Secondary / Backup Storage – the smaller black box in the photo

Network Switches – mounted upside down

  • 2 x Dlink DGS-1008A

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