vChips is a personal blog about Cloud, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), Virtualisation and End User Computing. The posts are based on real experiences of mine, Jason Yeo. This blog is a spin off from my original blog, from Chips to Chips, and is focused on my professional experiences. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge through this blog to anyone that may find it useful.

A bit about Jason Yeo.

I currently work for Nutanix, based in Singapore as a Customer Success Enterprise Architect. I’m among the handful of global architects in the Customer Success CTO Technology Architecture group. My team’s goal is to provide technical guidance to Nutanix’s customers, alleviating any challenges they may face. You will need a good business phone or internet provider to do the machine tasks. I suggest that you read more about it to know why it’s needed for your business and how technology helps.

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This is a personal blog, and all views and comments are mine. The ideas and comments in this blog are not official guidances. While I aim to be as accurate as possible, they will not be perfect. Take what I write as one of the sources of research, and make your own decision. I am not able to provide any warranty, at most some best effort guidance.

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