IT Architecture Design is …

By | December 25, 2021

I’ve been thinking of a concise way to describe a design, especially from the angle of the NPX / VCDX design methodology. This is what I have arrived at.

IT architecture design is,
a collection of Decisions,
specified by Requirements,
bound by Constraints,
gaps filled with validated Assumptions,
strengthened by Risk Mitigations.

Read it a few times and let that sink in.

In my opinion, for every decision made that can be related to at least one or more of the R.C.A.R.s, the design will be significantly stronger. Having these well documented, will serve the environment well. Especially into the future, when someone new is unfamiliar with the history.

Very importantly the design will evolve over time as the R.C.A.R.s will vary. It is essential that it gets reviewed regularly, at least once or twice a year, and when ever there are major events.

Ending 2021 with this post, and here’s wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a much better 2022 ahead!!

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