Nutanix Deployments are Darn Fast!!

By | November 13, 2015

This is my first post on Nutanix since I joined in July 2015. Other than being really busy, I also wanted to gain much more experience with the platform before I write. Now, four months in and having deployed many clusters and nodes all over APJ, I have quite a bit to write.

This post focuses on one of the results which I am really impressed with, the speed on deploying a brand new cluster, and expanding an existing cluster.

This by the way is also a winning reason for one of my customers in Singapore. Their first deployment of Nutanix was in 2013, and for VDI with Horizon View. The project manager was pretty impressed that the whole project took only 4 weeks to complete! This is a financial institution and you can expect all the heavy processes and change management involved.

It was because of the success of the first project, their counterparts in other countries in the region started to adopt Nutanix as a platform. They have embraced the quick time to market they can achieve by virtualizing on Nutanix.

Another global customer whom I have deployed at least 10 clusters in the region have already standardised on Nutanix. Each time I drop into one of their sites for deployment, the job to complete a fully functional & resilient Hyper-V cluster, from unboxing to production ready is just that few hours. Amazing!!

Never have I been able to do a complete cluster deployment with compute and storage in a day. With Nutanix, it’s possible!

How about adding new nodes to the cluster? It’s even faster!! Simply rack up, power on, re-image where necessary, join cluster and done!

I am loving this true webscale Hyper Converged Infrastructure. As one of my friends who tried the CE Edition, this is a true software defined solution in a box!

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