Horizon 6 with View – Unofficial Configuration Maximums

By | July 4, 2014

I have to start with a disclaimer that this post (and this blog) is not an official guidance from VMware. As my personal practice, I will always try to substantiate what I say & write with official documentation, KB and my experience.

Horizon View has gone through lots of improvements over the years and there is always some changes with each release. I will attempt to list down these maximums for Horizon View 6 in this post. These are numbers that I will use in my engagements and you should do your own due diligence and not take mine for granted.

Do remember that View operates on top of vSphere and so some configuration maximums actually depends on vSphere.

For the purpose of this post, we are looking at Horizon View 6.0 and vSphere 5.5.
The vSphere Configuration Maximum document is found here.
The Horizon 6 Documentations are found here.

Architecture Component : View Pod
View Connection Servers,7,support info
View Security Servers,As Needed,”related post”
Pod Concurrent Sessions,”10,000″,”combined desktops & hosted apps”
vCenter Servers,”As Needed”,”related post”
View Composer Servers,One per vCenter Server,””
View Desktop Blocks,”As Needed”,”related post”
RDS Hosts,??,”coming soon…”

Architecture Component : View Connection Server, View Security Server
“Direct Connection (PCoIP,RDP)”,2000,Connection Server only; support info
“Tunneled Connection (PCoIP,RDP)”,2000,”Both Servers; Hard Limit”
“Tunneled Connection (Blast)”,800,”Both Servers”

Architecture Component : Cloud Pod Architecture
Number of Sites,2,”Tested Soft Limit”
Number of Pods,4,”Tested Soft Limit”
Concurrent Sessions,”20,000″,”Tested Soft Limit”

Architecture Component : Storage
Unique Parent VM Snapshot to Replica per Datastore,1,”Based on Experience; related post”
Powered on VMs per VMFS Datastore,2048,”vSphere Maximum”
VMs per VMFS Datastore (no VAAI),64,”Based on Experience; I haven’t challenged this limit”
VMs per NFS Datastore,varied,”advised by storage vendor”
Maximum Linked Clones per Desktop Pool,”2000; common deployment is 1000″,”Depends on View Composer Server Capacity; see here; related post”

Notice that I have not mentioned the maximum number of linked clones per datastore. As my understanding this is actually dependent on vSphere, and so the vSphere configuration maximum is the appropriate one to follow.

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