Jason’s Windows 7 Optimisation & Customisation Guide

By | April 19, 2014

This is going to be a living guide and I will be constantly updating it as I encounter anything worth sharing. Please do come back regularly to this post to as a starting point.

The objective of this guide is my way of sharing what I normally would consider and apply to Windows 7 virtual desktops to ensure they are optimised suitably for each environment. Where necessary, I will break out into sub-posts to dive into the details. This post will focus on the higher level.

  • Virtual Machine Hardware
    • Upgrade virtual machine hardware to the latest version supported on the hosting vSphere hosts.
    • Disable unnecessary virtual hardware in VM BIOS, i.e. Serial Ports, Parallel Port, Floppy Controller.
  • Disable Virtual Machine hot plug [post]
  • Clean up missing devices in Windows Device Manager
  • Installation process of VMware Tools & VMware View Agent [coming soon…]
  • run the customisation script provided with the VMware’s Windows Desktop Optimization Guide found here.
    • how do I tailor the script for each deployment [coming soon…]
  • optimise Windows page file settings [coming soon…]
  • Local Group Policy changes [coming soon…]
    • enable Verbose Windows logon messages
    • enable Loopback processing
  • Set Shutdown script for VMware tools [coming soon…]
  • Removing excess Windows profiles & customising the default profile [coming soon…]
  • Configure Windows Visual Settings [post]

Part of the virtual desktop deployment can encompass some applications, and below are some guidelines on areas to consider.

  • Disable automatic application update checks [coming soon…]
  • Application installation location [coming soon…]

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